Blue Agave Landscape Design

"Bringing Structure to the Garden"

Scope of Landscape Design Services

Each landscape plan involves the following:


Initial Meeting:

We will meet with you on site to discuss the parameters of your project as well as listen to your

ideas and objectives for the space. It is helpful to our discussion if you come to this meeting

prepared with a "wish list," any photos you may have found in books or magazines that may reveal

your personal tastes, and a project budget.

The Contract:

After the initial meeting, we will send you a design contract reiterating the scope of the project

and guaranteeing our fee to develop your Landscape Master Plan.

Site Analysis:

Upon receiving the contract, we will visit the site again to measure and photograph the existing

site conditions. Using computer scans, we then can begin to develop a base map for the project.

The Concept Plan:

This is the step where we begin to work our magic. Using the base map and the information

discussed at the initial meeting, we “rough out” a preliminary plan, bringing to form the elements

from your "wish list." We explore all possibilities while sticking to the design principles of "form

follows function" and "less is more." In the Concept Plan, we lay out the desired landscape elements

including pools, spas, fireplaces and plantings. We then print and color it for presentation to you.


At the Concept Plan Presentation, we will walk you through our entire design process which opens

dialogue. You will give us feedback as to what works for you and what changes you may like to see.

Revisions and finalization of the Landscape Master Plan:

Based on your initial feedback, we will finalize any changes you requested to the plan and produce

a landscape master plan. This final plan often requires two or three sheets of plans including:

Hardscape layout and materials legend; Planting/Lighting plan with planting key; a lighting legend;

and a site details page for such structures as BBQ, fireplace and fountains.

We provide you a set or set(s) of plans for your submittal to your community’s Architectural Review

Board and for soliciting bids from landscape contractors for construction. We will be happy to

provide you a list of licensed contractors should you so request, and work with your selected

contractor on an oversight basis to ensure the plans are executed to proper specifications.

Water Harvesting


Blue Agave offers complete and certified water harvesting designs which affectively combine

aesthetic, economical and sustainable solutions. What does this mean?

Water harvesting

Passive: The most cost effective. Earth shaping can capture large amounts of water or

can be as subtle as small depressions to reduce supplemental irrigation water.

Either way they’re sure to be a design feature.

Active: Longer term storage. Active refers to the system which actively harvests and

directs the water into a storage device (cistern). From there your automatic irrigation

system can be installed if needed.

Gray water

Not as bad as it sounds. Gray water is water that is used only once and then sent to the sewer.

Allowed sources for landscape use are laundry machine, showers and bathroom sinks. Special

soaps are necessary and can be found locally. “Biocompatible” soaps are suitable for the plants and

soils of your greywater-irrigated landscape.

Financial incentives

Sounds good right? Not only will the government pay for 25% of the cost of the system(max $1,000)

and give multiple rebate options but imagine the money you’re saving on water and an irrigation


Design plan

Landscape Plan Examples:


Copper Canyon Residence

Sam Hughes Residence

La Paloma Residence


Detail Sheet

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